Attrayant Designs (Pvt) Ltd

Software, Website, Mobile Application Development Services

Attrayant Designs (Pvt) Ltd

Attrayant Designs® is a Pakistan based fastest growing IT services provider providing quality web site development, software development and graphic design services specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals with the priority of satisfying our customers. The customer satisfaction is highly prioritized by us in order to have good working relations with them. Fellow “attrayants” strive hard to take this company to a position where it can be recognized by the international market too.

Our Vision

Automating every business domain by our Information Systems that helps people to organize and manage their businesses in more efficient manner and are easily affordable and trustworthy.


Our Mission

At Attrayant, our mission is to provide maximum ease to the people and businesses in their respective domains by the use of our services. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers and each of our member strives to fulfill this commitment.

Company’s Environment

Our company’s environment is best suited for the employees working in the company. Our employees enjoy a friendly yet competitive environment in the company. The employees are always encouraged to bring new ideas.

The company’s customers are dealt professionally. The first priority being customer satisfaction requires that the customer may be dealt in a proper professional manner.


Our working Principles

Every organization or a company has its own working principles, some strategies and some rules which the whole organization has to follow. Attrayant Designs and every person working in it doesn’t follow certain principles on which we carry out specific operations. We would like to share some of our principles with our visitors so they can understand our working environment:

  • We believe in giving a little more, than we promise.
  • Every person in the organization have to follow CLIENT’s SATISFACTION STRATEGY which ensure you that every individual or a team working on the project will work till the customer is satisfied.
  • Every person has to work efficiently and effectively to save our client’s cost and time.
  • Being honest with team, company and client is the most important thing for our team.
  • Our support department works 12 x 7 for our clients to provide them live support.
  • We never forget our clients. Client can contact us at any time even after the completion of their project to get any kind of help regarding our work.


Our Community Projects



Attrayant Developers Community is an initiative of Attrayant Designs whose sole purpose is to empower the IT community and help it maximize its productivity by providing it with a platform where all tech enthusiasts, students and professionals alike, can share ideas and developments, as well as be connected to potential work opportunities and professional experiences. A great emphasis is laid on making the community actively engage with latest technological trends and advancements. Also, to provide community based mentorship and coaching, on a regular basis to help the community get the best possible results in terms of productivity and inventiveness.





Attrayant Society is another initiative of Attrayant Designs for the students of COMSATS University Lahore Campus. Purpose of this society is to encourage and provide opportunities to the students. Attrayant society opens the door for the students to show their Talent and skills to the world. Attrayant society gathers the students for good and beneficial purposes for the students and for the COMSATS. Society brings different competitions for the students to enhance their capabilities and skills. Joining Attrayant Society is very much helpful for students of COMSATS to make him/herself professional. Attrayant Society works for the beneficial purposes for both Studs and Campus.



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Address & Contact

Contact Person:
Muhammad Bilal Amjad
5th Floor, Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore
Contact Number:


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